Keeping in Touch with what God is doing


Much more is going on in the world than meets the eye, so it pays in this day to keep a real relationship going between us and God.  Not one of Church-going and praying or singing religious/spiritual songs, but a back-and-forth relationship between us and Jesus.  If we want His golden Presence in our lives, we need to give Him our time in the day, just to seek Him out of our love for Him.  No religion required.  Desiring after and loving Him is paramount to our getting to know Him of a truth, and unless He is having a close relationship with us in and by His Spirit, we really don’t know Him and aren’t being enlightened in our path into Him.  Let the glow of His Spirit within us, be the medium through which God talks to us, because it’s from here we will derive true spiritual life.



Cusp of a New Day

July 9, 2018

I hear of people having dreams, getting words of prophecy, sharing visions of God, etc., but so few that I’ve come across are tuned into the Heart of God to hear the message of this day.  We sit on the cusp of the greatest awakening this world has ever seen, or will see for many generations to come, and one with the greatest significance we can imagine, and so few even have a clue that anything is really about to change.  If you are one who has been visited by God and given a word for the future – please do feel free to share what you’ve seen, because people need to wake up to the lateness of the hour.

Those who think they have an inkling of what is to come, usually speak of the rapture as the main event we should be expecting, and perhaps mention that a huge move of God will precede it – which is true, but that’s not the point either.  If anyone has been reading their Bibles with awareness, there should be a clear sound regarding some serious changes that are coming before the rapture even thinks of taking place.

I Corinthians 12 & 13 state very clearly that the experience of being ‘Spirit-filled’, along with all the gifts, is about to fade and pass away, that it is ‘seeing through a glass darkly,’ children’s toys, and childish in comparison to the ‘perfect’ thing that is coming, and Hebrews 6: 1-3 tells us in no uncertain terms, that we need to leave ‘the principles of the doctrine of Christ – from repentance from dead works, faith toward God, doctrines of baptisms, laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgement, and go on to perfection, not laying again these ‘foundational works’.  You can’t even begin to think that what God has given us through Pentecost is the end-all and be-all, if you’ve read this with any kind of clarity.  There is a new thing coming that will make everything Pentecost has been and is, look like children’s toys in comparison, and anyone who is still playing with them will not be able to access the perfect thing that is to come.  Pentecost is a foundation – not the building of what God is doing.

Hebrews 8: 7 – 11, which agrees with Jeremiah 31: 31 – 34, speaks of a New Covenant that is coming in this day, one that will write God’s laws in people’s hearts and minds so that He can be their God, and they, His people, and no one will need to be taught what is of God and what isn’t, for all will know the Lord from the least to the greatest.  Although people have insisted that this present Covenant of Faith is the one being referred to here, one look at the Spirit-filled and it should be painfully obvious that it is not at all what is being referred to.  To the contrary, there is coming a New Covenant, accompanied by a totally New Thing – a New Move, New Spirit, and coming through Newly raised up Leaders that have been prepared for this day by God’s own hand, and the Church will know they are being readied to join with Jesus.  This is the day the Lord has made, and only those prepared of God will be able to appreciate and take in what He’s doing.

A Dream: Climbing the Tower

July 1, 2018

I had a dream recently in which I saw myself dressed in a winter ski jacket, pants, and boots, climbing an incredibly high tower – which is certainly not likely in this natural world.  I had climbed so high already, that I could see mountain rages below me that looked like they were rocks that could be held in your hand, and yet I had a ways to go if I was going to get to the top.  I came up to a ledge on the tower that was about 14 inches wide and packed with snow, and it was about 4 feet up from where I was currently walking, but somehow I managed to get up onto it and stepped on places on its stairs that were clear enough that I would not slip if I stepped on them.  To my immediate right was the tower itself, which seemed like a sheer cliff – so I have no idea how I thought I would continue.  But then again, to my immediate left was a sheer drop that went straight down from where I was, where, as I said, I could see a mountain range with mountains that looked about the size of a hard ball, so continuing to climb the ledge seemed like the wisest move I could make.

When I got up on it and began climbing up the stairs, all of a sudden I saw to my right, a niche cut out of the sheer rock cliff.  The niche  was about 3 feet deep, 3 feet high and maybe 3-4 feet wide, and in it sat a young man.  He – in absolute contradiction to me, was dressed in some kind of khaki pants and had a sleeveless shirt on, both of which were a very light or tan brown.  He had slightly wavy light brown hair that was about level with the top of his neck, and had a very calm demeanor.   I could see he was writing – with his finger, on a tablet of stone, and that 2 other tablets were between his toes and one end of the niche they were resting against.

As soon as I saw him I said – half by surprise, “Hi!!”, to which he replied in a friendly manner, “Hi! “Would you like some apple juice?”  “Okay,” I said, again very surprised that this is what we were talking about.  He immediately reached over to his left, to a level shelf that had been carved out of the rock, and there sitting on the shelf was a cold glass of apple juice sitting on it.  It looked like it had just come out of the refrigerator, though of course no such item was visible to me.  Handing it to me, I took it and drank, and that was the end of the dream.


I’m not one to have many useless dreams, and this one was so clear I know it has meaning, probably more than I can say right now.  I know that climbing a mountain is precisely what I’m doing in the Spirit right now, and obviously it is very steep and precarious.  The contrast between me being dressed for winter while the young man – say in his early 20’s, was sleeveless and in very light clothing, is almost ridiculous, and yet he seemed to fit what he was doing and where he was doing it.  I can’t think of anyone he would remind me of except Moses – since he’s the only person I relate 2 tablets of stone to, both of which had writing on them by the way, and yet he was in the process of writing a 3rd one.  And if indeed he represented Moses, he looked dressed for the desert for sure.

Our greeting was very friendly and free of trivia and any cautious tones, which I appreciated, but to be offered a ‘glass of apple juice’ is so weird I can hardly believe it was in the dream.  Since I like apples okay, but I’m not wild about them, I have to think that I needed some of the nutrients in an apple to prepare my body for the rest of the climb I had to make.  What those are specifically I don’t know, but it’s so ‘out-of-place’ that’s the meaning I have to attach to it.

Going on the idea that this guy was Moses, that he was in the on his way to finishing the writing on a 3rd tablet says to me that in my climb up this spiritual mountain of God’s purpose for this part of my life, I am approaching the end in the not-too-distant future, and that there is a 3rd Covenant coming that the Church knows next to nothing about.  Some may find this silly, and say to themselves that, ‘we’re not supposed to add anything on to the Bible’, referring to what’s written at the end of Revelation, but I have a few things to say about that.

First, what’s written at the end of Revelation, was for Revelation, not the Bible, since after all, the Bible wasn’t written and compiled together at the time Revelation was recorded.  Secondly, there is enough recorded in the New Testament to tell anyone who reads it that there is a New Thing coming.  Since we know little about it off hand, it could indeed have a 3rd Covenant attached to it, and in fact from some of the things God has said to me, it does.  Obviously from the dream, it’s literally in the midst of being written, but is coming close to the finish where I would think God would reveal it to the world.  That Moses was the one writing its laws, ranks it with the same genuineness as the other two tablets.  And since I’m climbing the mountain, I assume that the 2 books I’m almost finished writing, have something to do with this 3rd Covenant.

If anyone has anything else to add, feel free.

“….for what they have not been told, they will see; and what they have not heard, they will consider.”  Isaiah 52:15


June 26, 2018

This is a dream I had some time ago but only recently began to post it publicly.  For anyone interested in what God is about to do, this is an indication of great things to come.

In the dream I was in ‘my room’ – which looked more like an Archeologist’s office than anything else, but nonetheless, it was my ‘bedroom’ in the dream.  It had numerous cubicles embedded into the walls all around it, some big, some small, but all had a clear glass front on them so the inside of the cubicle was clearly seen from anyone standing in the room and each cubicle was well lit from within. In each one of these cubicles was at least one artifact. It was like an archeologist’s display room, with artifacts from his various digs, being on display. However, I felt like these ‘artifacts’ were symbolic of something, far more dynamic than they appeared.

At the head of this room was a large desk, and behind it sat a man whom I understood was the ‘archeologist’ whose office/display room this was.  I began looking around very slowly at these cubicles, and as I did, I kept seeing that what was supposed to be ‘dead and ancient’ pieces of history, still had life in them.  There were many artifacts in this room and every one I examined, I could see life in it and I exclaimed “There’s life in this!”

The first time I did so, the archeologist let out a good chortle as if it was quite amusing to him. I continued to look around. Once again I found another one with life in it and I announced, “There’s life in this!” And once again the archeologist let out a rip-snorting laugh.  Undaunted, I persisted looking around the room into these cubicles, and I again found one with life resinating within it. “This has LIFE in it!”

I began stating loudly with a little more conviction, and this time the Archeologist slapped the desk with his hand and put his head back in gales of laughter that went on and on. I continued looking around the room and artifact after artifact that each time I examined them, had life in them, so I made my proclamation with more conviction than before, but the response from this Archeologist was louder gales of laughter filled with mockery and ridicule, along with the slapping of the desk repeatedly.

While the archeologist was reacting with more and more scoffing, I was experiencing a build up of my own feelings, which had now become a crescendo in my spirit. I was not offended or threatened in any way, to the contrary my feelings were of greater conviction that God’s Truth should take its rightful place of authority over this archeologists’ mockery and lies. At the moment of this crescendo, it felt like these feelings were about to burst forth from me, and that it was either the archeologist or me – a do or die moment.

So turning and looking directly at him, I was about to say something when my eye caught a glimpse of a human skeleton he had hanging in the corner of the room. I had not seen this before, but the instant I saw it, I immediately, without thought or hesitation, jumped ‘into it’ and ‘inhabited’ it, and began walking around the room in it as if it were my own skeleton, though it was obvious that somehow I was in it. When I did this I loudly proclaimed, “You SEE!! THIS HAS LIFE IN IT!!”

After saying this about twice, I realized I wasn’t hearing any guffaws from the ‘peanut gallery’ of the archeologist, so I turned to see why he wasn’t snorting out his ridicules. What met my eyes was him, face down on the desk, with both hands laying flat out on either side of it. I went over to see if he had just passed out or what was going on, and standing beside him I got the message from the Spirit of God that he was ‘down and out’ and would never awaken on that level again. Here the dream ended.


The meaning of the dream almost tells itself. The ‘archeologist’ is Satan, and his ‘artifacts’ represents for me, many truths of the Spirit, various interests, beliefs, and even different ideas that have been thought of by many especially in the religious field, as ‘evil’ or Satanic, but which I, under the leading of the Spirit of God, have seen life – truth in.  In fact this has occurred with me on several fronts, when I’ve felt led to look into someone whom others say are a lost cause, or a type of interest, book, and belief that others have warned is off the wall, etc., and quite often I have found something of God that is of great interest to me, in it.

I represent however, anyone who has under the Spirit’s direction, looked into an area that others have warned against, or thought of as ridiculous, stupid, dangerous, etc., and found that although it does need help in some or many areas, still has hope in it, and is worth ‘saving’.  Only when God declares something ‘dead’ or ‘evil’ is it just that, but where people’s opinions reign, fears, self righteousness, prejudices, jealousies, etc., can all figure into their ‘opinions’ or ‘leadings’, so it is well worth the effort to check things out with the Spirit of God, provided you have an open heart and mind towards Him and can discern what He’s saying.

The point of reaching the crescendo is where I am, and where those who are following God’s leadings will find themselves now or in the near future. It is becoming a do or die moment, when either Truth is going to rise up and take its place in the Spirit as God’s overcoming, resurrected Self, or fall under the death of Satan’s mockery one last, and final time.

Those who have been built up enough in their spirits by God’s process and preparation, will find it within themselves to persistently resist Satan’s scoffs and threats, and will find when they reach these ‘do or die’ moments, that God has prepared victory for them. They will not fall into his hands this time – not again, but he will fall and they will never have to battle him again on their level.

In Revelation 12, a great Sign appears in Heaven, a woman giving birth to a Manchild who, though threatened with being devoured by the Dragon, is taken up to Heaven, where war ensues. Michael and his angels are not fighting Satan and his angels alone, after all, it’s not his fight!! We – the Body of Christ, are supposed to take on our full armour of God, and OVERCOME Satan in this day so that a resurrected Christ could be revealed to the world one last time. We are to become Joel’s army, who having done all, stands fast. This is our fight, not Michael’s, but he is positioned to help us as we step forth in obedience to God’s leadings within us.

Not everyone has yielded to God to the fullest extent they could in their lives, but those who have will find that resurrection glory awaits them, that Christ Himself will walk within them and reveal His resurrection glory and authority to the world in such an undeniable fashion, no one in this world will be able to say they did not know there was a Savior, a Deliverer, and a Lord of all Lords.

To these ones whom God has prepared, you’re not going down again, but Satan is going to fall from the heavenlies where you have DISPLACED him, and that is why we hear, 10) “NOW has come salvation, strength, the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ – FOR the ACCUSER of the brethren is cast down, who accused them before our God day and night.  11) And THEY overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the Word of their testimony.” (Revelation 12:10-11)

Not until this day and time has Christ been revealed to the world as the resurrected Lord that He is, subject to nothing, but overcoming everything in His path. Not until this day has the Accuser been cast down and thus real salvation been revealed. Everything before was faith for this day, not the reality. We’re here, it’s time, and we are about to see our callings fulfilled as never before.

I want to add one more thing, parts of the dream where I ‘inhabited’ the skeleton, was a fulfillment of Ezekiel 37:1-14, in which God asks Ezekiel if the valley of ‘dry bones’ can live. Ezekiel couldn’t say for sure, so he put it back on God – “You know.” But in my dream, rather than God asking me, I was STATING that these things had life in them, which showed that whereas in the past, people – including prophets of the Bible, have not overcome entirely, in this day there will be a people who totally overcome, for that is the only way Satan can be rightfully cast out of the heavenlies and put down, never to rise to that level again.

In the past, groups and individuals took up a new thing, a leading of God that was very different and new, but as they tried to walk in it, circumstances and conditions came upon them that cut them off and ‘killed’ them in the Spirit. They have lain where they were slain and some have honestly believed it was over for them, but God wants them to know He’s about to send His Spirit back into them – unexpectedly, and that New Thing they resigned to themselves would never come to pass, will be fulfilled through them in this day.

Dream of the Anti Christ?

June 11, 2018

A number of years ago I had a dream which I feel has bearing on this post, though there is a big difference. I was clearly shown a man arising in Germany who had the ears of the multitudes, and while I could not see his face clearly, this man was not Obama. He was white, still had quite a bit of youth, was a strong, fairly loud speaker, and had a commanding and very confident spirit. In fact he would go into rants that seemed to have no end, and when he did, it was the ‘command’ of his spirit and the fact that he was totally convinced of what he was saying, that literally hooked people’s spirits and made them believe in him too. Some people tried to oppose him, or argue with what he was saying, but I was told very clearly that “There will be no shutting him up. This man will NOT be stopped.” And it was true, once he started speaking he seemed to have endless energy and strength, and no one could refute what he was saying, he would not be stopped no matter what anyone said, in fact, he wouldn’t even miss a beat or stop for a second to consider what someone was saying. He had an answer for everything and just ploughed right over what anyone had to say. At the end of the dream I was told that the “death camps will rise again”.

I’ve had occasion to hear Hitler speaking, and although I haven’t listened to much of any of his speeches, quite frankly Hitler sounded more like a frantic egg-beater or an electric mixer that has slipped a couple of notches past the ‘high’ gear than it should go, rather than the strong, commanding, and confident spirit that this man exuded. Who I saw was not Hitler, nor was it Obama, but I want to comment that there has been so much talk about Obama that it would not surprise me if some people aren’t just seeing his face superimposed over the real person that is going to arise.

I’m not saying at all that Obama offers anything good. I was shown his spirit the minute I laid eyes on him, he exudes smugness, arrogance, and pride, and while he is a slippery, slimy and smooth-tongued, his role is more that of a deceiver than he is a commander of the people. I would not be surprised either, to find that Obama is a frontman, a person sent out to smooth and smush things over, while the real-deal is getting set up behind the scenes. He’s preparing people to want to receive anything and anybody, rather than commanding them into place like the man I saw.  He’s also preparing people to want to ‘show their tolerance and acceptance’, focussing in on receiving Muslims – one of the 3 religions that Terry Bennett was told would make up the world religion, (the other 2 were Christianity, and Judaism),  so I really don’t get the feeling he is the Anti Christ as much as he is a well chosen deceiver.

This dream has come to the forefront of my mind recently as well, because of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s comment that Germany would be the Anti Christ’s political office. It makes no sense to me that Obama would go to Germany and rule from there, when he lives in America – I mean, why bother? Obama may hold some office in the very near future, or may indeed be working to prepare the world to receive the Anti Christ, but because of my dream I am beginning to feel he is not the one who will grab people’s spirits in fascination, for there is that element to the Anti Christ, since the whole world ‘wonders’ after the Beast.

Interpretation to 2 Dreams of Crossing the Bridge to Glory

June 11, 2018

The first dream began with me and several others encouraging and prophesying words from God to direct someone who was building a bridge over a stream.  Encouragement and direction are a prophet’s role in the undertaking of a project, and that is precisely what I was while going to a Spirit-filled Church at a certain point in my life.  I and a few others were backing up the work of a particular person who had come into our midst to give us a new revelation of God – a revelation that was to be the bridge over to the New Land.

It’s also true that after he had revealed this revelation to us, that time passed before I came to the point where I was ready to literally enter into what God had been talking to us about.  That the door came in 2 halves, left and right, speaks of the inner condition of my spirit during that time, and actually confirms the scripture of Psalm 86:11 where the Psalmist prays “..unite my heart to fear your name..”  We don’t know it but our hearts are not working together as a unit because of the fall of mankind, so if you’re still under the Covenant of Faith – the spiritual level of Pentecost, that’s where you’re at.  True unity is not possible until our hearts/natures are healed of our fall, and faith doesn’t do it.

But just as in the dream, I came back to the revelation that I had been taught, and having been better processed in God, was ready to bring things together and work as a whole being, not a half-and-half.  The 2 halves represent those who follow – on the left, and those who lead – on the right.  In a Pentecostal level of walk, these are very distinct.  But because of my obedience to God’s leadings in my life, and my having been better processed, I had received this revelation for myself, and other revelations that God had given me in addition to it, and thus was ready to move as a whole person, each half working together with the other as one.

This is why I could put the two halves of the bridge down so that they were a unit.  The weathered spot on the bridge on the right-hand side, reveals that I had trouble relating to my role as a leader at that time.  It wasn’t serious, but enough that it wasn’t operating as it should either.  When began to go over the bridge, the dread and overwhelming sense of the fear of God, speaks of the effects of the working revelation of God in my life as God revealed the New Thing that He was going to do in the earth, and the principles of truth it was built on.  This is also reflected in the gigantic crystals that formed and were birthed downwards from the sky, towards the earth.  Each one of them was a part of this revelation that God was planting in my heart at that time, and each was perfect and filled with His glorious light.

Recall however, that the crystals only came on the left side for the most part, and that is because of the weathered spot on the right-hand side of the door.  God will not tolerate any sin whatsoever, so until that lack was cleared up in my spirit, this right-hand side could not produce proper crystals.  It’s also why the one crystal it did produce, had a build up of frost on one of its corners.  This also reveals that what occurred when I stepped onto the bridge was a direct reflection of what was going on inside my spirit and heart, and that is why when the crystals were birthed downwards from the heavens, I was overwhelmed by them and the accompanying fear of God and dread, for they were truly an amazing and powerful things to behold.

Nevertheless, I was able to go across the bridge – which means I walked in the revelation successfully, albeit not as a ‘leader’ as much as a follower, and once across, I walked through every portion of that new land – that is, the New Thing that God was introducing to me at that time.  But I came out of that land so that I could tell everyone who was still on the other side of the bridge and hadn’t crossed over, all about it, and find out why they didn’t search it out as well.  This is very true of what occurred in my life at that time.  This first crossing was meant to be just like the Israelite’s first run into their Promised Land, and just as they were overwhelmed by the ‘giants’ they had to overcome, so I was overwhelmed by the revelations and the circumstances and conditions I had to walk through and overcome that came along with them.

I did in fact go to those various ones that I had once been a part of before I had crossed over the bridge, and asked them why they didn’t come and follow God into the New Thing, and each of them gave their answers.  It’s very much like the parable Jesus spoke regarding people being invited to the wedding feast, and many giving excuses why they couldn’t go to it.  (Matthew 22: 2 – 10)  But one thing I told these people at the very end of the dream, was that I was going to go back into that land again, and when I did I would never come out again.  Well, that’s what Part 2 is all about.

Part 2 is saying that the time to reenter that land has arrived this summer, and this time I’m on my own motorbike – my own power source with the freedom to do as I feel led.  I am observing that the Church has had their event some time ago, it has dwindled down to nothing and is over, and I really am not a part of it at all.  I note also I was looking over my left shoulder to their meadow where their event had taken place, an occurrence that states Pentecost is more about fellowship than leadership in this world.  In this 2nd dream I go down an embankment to the bridge, and as I go down I notice that it is broad daylight at the top of the embankment, evening when I’m halfway down, and dark night when I’m at the bottom.  The broad daylight speaks of the known way of Pentecost – there’s nothing new about it: but the deeper I go into my spirit – or down the embankment, the darker it becomes because this is a New or Unknown way, and that is where I begin my crossing of the bridge.

This time it’s one bridge, but made of rails something like a cattle guard would be made of, though running parallel with the road as if it is part of it, instead of horizontally across it like cattle guards usually do.  My bike fits on one of the rails perfectly so there’s no dread, feeling overwhelmed, or awestruck by the fear of God, because this is one bridge in my spirit now, and I’m used to walking there.  The fact that it’s made of ‘bars’ however, speaks to a time in my life when after waking up one morning, I ‘saw’ bars on my bedroom window.  I could hardly believe my eyes, and it took several times of looking before I realized that what I was seeing was being revealed by the Spirit of God, and was telling me that I was spiritually imprisoned because I had submitted myself beneath someone else who was my spiritual inferior, and really had no business directing me at all.  I had put myself in a spiritual prison therefore, but things had drastically changed now, and these ‘bars’ were under my feet and overcome in this 2nd dream.

That I heard an owl, and a fox, speaks of the demonic forces that will oppose me and try to dissuade me from crossing over into this unknown New Thing that God is doing, but I wasn’t afraid in the least, was not awestruck in any way, and had my focus on God so that nothing distracted or deterred me.  The owl in scripture specifically represents desolation, loneliness, and destruction, while the foxes that ‘spoil the vines’ in scripture, speak of an eroding of fruit or Godly attributes, both of which refer to circumstances and conditions that will arise, in which Satan tries to discourage me from pressing on in, but neither were successful at all.  I went straight over the bridge without a hitch and where did I go?  Up the right-hand side, the side that I couldn’t enter previously because of my trouble relating to the leadership role, which thus means that whatever problem I had in the past in leadership, has been dealt with, and I easily handled it now.  So ENDS THE INTERPRETATION